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Process Chemicals

. SEMI C1-0310 (Reapproved 0618) Guide for the Analysis of Liquid Chemicals
. SEMI C2-95 (Withdrawn 0308) Specifications for Etchants
. SEMI C10-1109 (Reapproved 1114) Guide for Determination of Method Detection Limits
. SEMI C18-0714 Specification for Acetic Acid
. SEMI C19-0514 Specification for Acetone
. SEMI C20-0213 (Reapproved 1218) Specification and Guide for Ammonium Fluoride 40%
. SEMI C21-0618 Specification and Guide for Ammonium Hydroxide
. SEMI C22-0212 Guide for Boron Tribromide
. SEMI C23-0714 Specifications for Buffered Oxide Etchants
. SEMI C24-0813 Specification for n-Butyl Acetate
. SEMI C25-0312 Specification for Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride)
. SEMI C26-0912 Specification and Guide for Hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS)
. SEMI C27-0918 Specification and Guide for Hydrochloric Acid
. SEMI C28-0618 Specification and Guide for Hydrofluoric Acid
. SEMI C29-0618 Specification and Guide for 4.9% Hydrofluoric Acid (10:1 v/v)
. SEMI C30-0218 Specification for Hydrogen Peroxide
. SEMI C31-0615 Specification for Methanol
. SEMI C32-0306 (Reapproved 0611) Specification for Methyl Ethyl Ketone
. SEMI C33-0213 Specifications for n-Methyl 2-Pyrrolidone
. SEMI C34-0113 (Reapproved 0219) Specification and Guide for Mixed Acid Etchants
. SEMI C35-0118 Specification and Guide for Nitric Acid
. SEMI C36-1213 Specifications for Phosphoric Acid
. SEMI C37-0706 (Reapproved 0611) Specification for Phosphoric Etchants
. SEMI C38-0212 Guide for Phosphorus Oxychloride
. SEMI C39-1110 Specification for Potassium Hydroxide Pellets
. SEMI C40-1110 (Reapproved 0618) Specification for Potassium Hydroxide, 45% Solution
. SEMI C41-0618 Specification and Guide for 2-Propanol
. SEMI C42-1110 Specification for Sodium Hydroxide Pellets
. SEMI C43-1110 Specification for Sodium Hydroxide, 50% Solution
. SEMI C44-0618 Specification and Guide for Sulfuric Acid
. SEMI C45-0518 Specification and Guide for Tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS)
. SEMI C46-0812 Guide for 25% Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide
. SEMI C47-0812 Guide for Trans 1,2 Dichloroethylene
. SEMI C48-0812 Specification and Guide for 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Furnace Grade
. SEMI C49-1110 Guide for Trimethylborate
. SEMI C50-1110 Guide for Trimethylphosphite
. SEMI C51-0114 Specification for Xylenes
. SEMI C53-0704 (Reapproved 0312) Specifications for Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) [Grades 1 and 2]
. SEMI C61-0707 (Withdrawn 0114) Specification for Bar-Code Container Identification
. SEMI C62-0309 (Reapproved 0618) Specification for Progen Precursors Used in Low K CVD Processes
. SEMI C63-1108 (Reapproved 0618) Specification for Organosilicate Precursors Used in Low K CVD Processes
. SEMI C64-0308 (Reapproved 1214) SEMI Statistical Guidelines for Ship To Control
. SEMI C65-0317 Guide for Trimethylsilane (3MS), 99.995% Quality
. SEMI C66-0317 Guide for Trimethylaluminium (TMAI), 99.5% Quality
. SEMI C67-0811 (Reapproved 0317) Guide for Hafnium Amides
. SEMI C68-0811 (Reapproved 0317) Guide for Zirconium Amides
. SEMI C69-1015 Test Method for the Determination of Surface Areas of Polymer Pellets
. SEMI C72-0811 (Reapproved 0317) Guide for Propylene-Glycol-Mono-Methyl-Ether (PGME), Propylene-Glycol-Mono-Methyl-Ether-Acetate (PGMEA) and the Mixture 70wt% PGME/30wt% PGMEA
. SEMI C73-0811 (Reapproved 0317) Guide for Hafnium Chloride
. SEMI C74-0811 (Reapproved 0317) Guide for Hafnium Tert-Butoxide
. SEMI C75-0811 (Reapproved 0317) Guide for Tetrakis(Dimethylamino)Titanium
. SEMI C76-0811 (Reapproved 0317) Guide for Zirconium Tert-Butoxide
. SEMI C77-0818 Test Method for Determining the Counting Efficiency of Liquid-Borne Particle Counters for Which the Minimum Detectable Particle Size is Between 30 nm and 100 nm
. SEMI C78-0113 (Reapproved 1218) Test Method for Determining Roughness of Polymer Surfaces Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems by Atomic Force Microscopy
. SEMI C79-0113 Guide to Evaluate the Efficacy of Sub-15 nm Filters Used in Ultrapure Water (UPW) Distribution Systems
. SEMI C80-0214 Guide for Tetrakis(Dimethylamino) Silane (TDMAS)
. SEMI C81-0113 (Reapproved 0618) Guide for Tris(Dimethylamino) Silane (3DMAS)
. SEMI C82-0713 Test Method for Particle Removal Performance of Liquid Filter Rated 20 to 50 nm With Liquid-Borne Particle Counter
. SEMI C83-0713 Test Method for Tensile Strength Applied to Welded Connections Made by PFA Weld Fitting
. SEMI C84-0214 Guide for Cyclopentanone
. SEMI C85-0214 Guide for Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC)
. SEMI C86-0415 Guide for Ethylene Glycol
. SEMI C87-0515 Test Method for Determining Roughness of Polymer Surfaces Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems by Contact Profilometry
. SEMI C89-0116 Test Method for Particle Removal Performance of Liquid Filter Rated Below 30 nm with Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS)
. SEMI C90-1015 Test Method and Specification for Testing Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) Materials Used in Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems
. SEMI C93-0217 Guide for Determining the Quality of Ion Exchange Resin Used in Polish Applications of Ultrapure Water System
. SEMI C94-0516 Guide for Cyclohexanone
. SEMI C95-0516 Guide for Pentakis Dimethylamino Tantalum
. SEMI C96-0618 Test Method for Determining Density of Chemical Mechanical Polish (CMP) Slurries