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Publishing Cycle
Standard #TitleVolume(s)
SEMI C3.35-1109E (Reapproved 0815) Specification for Hydrogen Chloride (HCI), 99.997% Quality Gases
SEMI C3.6-0710 (Reapproved 0815) Specification for Phosphine (PH3) in Cylinders, 99.98% Quality Gases
SEMI D20-0706 (Reapproved 0815) Terminology for FPD Mask Defect Flat Panel Display
SEMI D21-0706 (Reapproved 0815) Terminology for FPD Mask Pattern Accuracy Flat Panel Display
SEMI D42-0308 (Reapproved 0815) Specification for Ultra Large Size Mask Substrate Case Flat Panel Display
SEMI D53-0708 (Reapproved 0815) Specification for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Pellicles Flat Panel Display
SEMI E170-0815 Specification for Production Recipe Cache (PRC) Equipment Automation Software
SEMI E56-0815 Test Method for Determining Accuracy, Linearity, Repeatability, Short-Term Reproducibility, Hysteresis, and Deadband of Thermal Mass Flow Controllers Equipment Automation Hardware
SEMI E77-1104 (Reapproved 0815) Test Method for Calculation of Conversion Factors for a Mass Flow Controller Using Surrogate Gases Equipment Automation Hardware
SEMI F19-0815 Specification for the Surface Condition of the Wetted Surfaces of Stainless Steel Components Facilities
SEMI F28-1103 (Reapproved 0815) Test Method for Measuring Particle Generation from Process Panels Facilities
SEMI PV67-0815 Test Method for the Etch Rate of a Crystalline Silicon Wafer by Determining the Weight Loss Photovoltaic
SEMI PV68-0815 Test Method for the Wire Tension of Multi-Wire Saws Photovoltaic
SEMI S10-0815 Safety Guideline for Risk Assessment and Risk Evaluation Process Safety Guidelines
NOTE 1: Subordinate documents that are not independent in nature are grouped and sold with the main document (i.e., SEMI M1.1, SEMI M1.2, etc. are available as a package with SEMI M1).

NOTE2: All documents are required to be ballotted for re-approval every 5 years. If there are no technical changes to the documents, the designation remains the same with a comment added stating the month and year it was re-approved. Re-approvals may contain minor editorial changes. If so, the sections that were editorially changed are listed in the abstract for the document.