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SEMI M65-0306E2 - Specifications for Sapphire Substrates to use for Compound Semiconductor Epitaxial Wafers

Volume(s): Materials
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CURRENT - Supported by the technical committee.


This standard was technically approved by the global Compound Semiconductor Materials Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits & Reviews Subcommittee on January 16, 2006. It was available at www.semi.org in February 2006.


E This standard was editorially modified in August 2006 to correct an error. Changes were made to Table R2-2.


Sapphire substrates are utilized for hetero-epitaxial growth of gallium nitride and related film. The properties of the films depend in part on the properties of the substrates used. These specifications are intended to provide specifications for the criteria necessary to use for growth of films suitable for device production, and to unify the notation method of sapphire substrate.

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Revision History

SEMI M65-0306E2 (editorial revision)

SEMI M65-0306E (editorial revision)

SEMI M65-0306 (first published)

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