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SEMI F21-1102 - Classification of Airborne Molecular Contaminant Levels in Clean Environments

Volume(s): Facilities
Language: English
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This classification was technically approved by the global Facilities Committee and is the direct responsibility of the North American Facilities Committee. Current edition approved by the North American Regional Standards Committee on August 29, 2002. Initially available at www.semi.org September 2002; to be published November 2002. Originally published in 1995.


The purpose of this standard is to classify microelectronics clean environments with respect to their molecular (non-particulate) contaminant levels. This standard classification provides a consistent means of communicating acceptable contaminant levels of groups of specific airborne molecular contaminants.

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Revision History

SEMI F21-1102 (technical revision)

SEMI F21-95 (first published)

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