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SEMI A1-0617 - Specification for Horizontal Communication (HC) Between Equipment for Factory Automation System

Volume(s): Automation Technology
Language: English
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This Standard was technically approved by the Automation Technology Global Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on May 16, 2017. Available at www.semiviews.org and www.semi.org in June 2017; originally published as SEMI PV35 in 2012.


The purpose of this Standard is to provide a specification for communication between adjacent equipment in material flow (hereinafter referred to as horizontal communication [HC]) to be used for Factory Automation system (equipment here includes process equipment, metrology equipment, transport equipment and clustered one of those, etc.).


The purpose of this Standard is also to provide HC to perform both ‘Material and associated data transfer’ and ‘General purpose data exchange’ without factory host assistance.


The purpose of this Standard is also to provide HC specification to cover the following cases based on a common concept.


Various material transfer types (such as Single Substrate and Multiple Substrate with/without Carrier).


Various material flow type combinations (such as Uni-Direction, Alternate-Direction, Bi-Direction and multiple set and/or combination of them).


The purpose of this Standard is also to provide HC specification that is compatible with various line connection topologies (such as Branch and Merge).


The purpose of this Standard is also to provide scalable specification to support sufficient HC functionality for lower implementation cost.


Targeted Area of Application — This Standard defines HC specifications for both crystalline and thin film fabrication system cases, and may be applied to other similar systems.


Targeted System Configuration Coverage — This Standard defines HC specifications to cover below.


Transfer operations for Material such as ‘Single Substrate’, ‘Multiple Substrates (as a set) Without Carrier’ and ‘Multiple Substrates in Carrier’ by single cycle with associated Material data.


Track management of three track types, which are Uni-Direction, Alternate-Direction and Bi-Direction, and of multiple set and/or combination of them by single HC connection.


Application Notes — This Standard includes some generic application notes to map HC on those media, however, does not cover implementation specifications for those media which should be in separated Standards.


Subordinate Standard:

SEMI A1.1-0617 - Specification for Media Interface for a Horizontal Communication (HC) Between Equipment

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Revision History

SEMI A1-0617 (first published - replaces SEMI PV35)


SEMI A1.1-0617 (first published - replaces SEMI PV35.1)

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