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SEMI 3D7-0913 - Guide for Alignment Mark for 3DS-IC Process

Volume(s): 3D-IC
Language: English
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CURRENT - Supported by the technical committee.


This Standard was technically approved by the 3D-IC Global Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on August 22, 2013. Available at www.semiviews.org and www.semi.org in September 2013.


Photo alignment mark configuration is the key to ensure consistent and precise alignment of layers, chips and wafers. Therefore, this Guide provides the alignment mark strategy for chip to chip, chip to wafer, and wafer to wafer stacking. This Guide also addresses the universal alignment mark where the outcome will be a feasible photo alignment standard.


Define and develop lithography alignment strategy for C2C, C2W and W2W stacking. The alignment mark is preferable to be implemented at frontside final metal and/or backside metal layer masking. This Guide addresses universal alignment mark, including shape, dimension, and location. The outcome of a feasible photo alignment standard will be critical to the C2C, C2W and W2W stacking.

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI M20 — Practice for Establishing a Wafer Coordinate System

SEMI MS1 — Guide to Specifying Wafer-Wafer Bonding Alignment Targets


Revision History

SEMI 3D7-0913 (first published)

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