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SEMI E37-0413 - High-Speed SECS Message Services (HSMS) Generic Services

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Software
Language: English
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CURRENT - Supported by the technical committee.


This Standard was technically approved by the Information & Control Global Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on December 20, 2012. Available at www.semiviews.org and www.semi.org in April 2013; originally published in 1995; previously published July 2008.


NOTICE: The designation of SEMI E37 was updated during the 0413 publishing cycle to reflect the reapproval of SEMI E37.1.


High-Speed SECS Message Services (HSMS) provides a means for independent manufacturers to produce implementations which can be connected and interoperate without requiring specific knowledge of one another.


HSMS is intended as an alternative to SEMI E4 (SECS-I) for applications where higher speed communication is needed or when a simple point-to-point topology is insufficient. SEMI E4 (SECS-I) can still be used in applications where these and other attributes of HSMS are not required.


HSMS is also intended as an alternative to SEMI E13 (SECS Message Services) for applications where TCP/IP is preferred over OSI.


It is intended that HSMS be supplemented by subsidiary standards which further specify details of its use or impose restrictions on its use in particular application domains.


HSMS defines a communication interface suitable for the exchange of messages between computers in a semiconductor factory.


Subordinate Documents:

SEMI E37.1-0702 (Reapproved 0413) — High-Speed SECS Message Services Single Selected-Session Mode (HSMS-SS)

SEMI E37.2-95 (Withdrawn 1109) — High-Speed SECS Message Services General Session (HSMS-GS)

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E4 — SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 1 Message Transfer (SECS-I)

SEMI E5 — SEMI Equipment Communications Standard 2 Message Content (SECS-II)

Revision History

SEMI E37-0413 (designation update)

SEMI E37-1109 (designation update)

SEMI E37-0308 (Reapproved 0708)

SEMI E37-0308 (designation update)

SEMI E37-0413 (designation update)

SEMI E37-0303 (designation update)

SEMI E37-0702 (technical revision)

SEMI E37-0298 (technical revision)

SEMI E37-95 (first published)


SEMI E37.1-0702 (Reapproved 0413)

SEMI E37.1-0702 (Reapproved 0308)

SEMI E37.1-0702 (technical revision)

SEMI E37.1-96E (editorial revision)

SEMI E37.1-95 (first published)


SEMI E37.2-95 (Withdrawn 1109)

SEMI E37.2-95 (Reapproved 0303)

SEMI E37.2-95 (first published)

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