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SEMI HB1-0113 - Specifications for Sapphire Wafers Intended for Use for Manufacturing High Brightness-Light Emitting Diode Devices

Volume(s): HB-LED
Language: English
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This Standard was technically approved by the global HB-LED Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on December 20, 2012. Available at www.semiviews.org and www.semi.org in January 2013.


Sapphire wafers are widely used in producing high brightness-light emitting diode (HB-LED) devices that are used in multiple applications such as LCD backlights, signage and solid-state lighting. Improving manufacturing efficiency and cost reductions are critical elements in enabling continued industry advance. Sapphire wafers represent a key inflection point to obtain these goals. A recent SEMI survey identified key parameters and dimensions critical to enabling manufacturing automation across multiple manufacturing steps. These specifications are intended to provide the necessary information for specifying such wafers.


These specifications cover dimensional, wafer preparation, and crystallographic orientation characteristics for five categories of single-crystal single-side polished sapphire wafers used in HB-LED manufacturing as follows:

  • Category 4a – Flatted 100 mm diameter, 650 µm thick, polished c-axis sapphire wafers

  • Category 6a – Flatted 150 mm diameter, 1,000 µm thick, polished c-axis sapphire wafers

  • Category 6b – Flatted 150 mm diameter, 1,300 µm thick, polished c-axis sapphire wafers

  • Category 6c – Notched 150 mm diameter, 1,000 µm thick, polished c-axis sapphire wafers

  • Category 6d – Notched 150 mm diameter, 1,300 µm thick, polished c-axis sapphire wafers


In addition, methods of measurements suitable for determining the characteristics in the specifications are indicated.


Those characteristics for which standardized values have been agreed upon are indicated in the specification tables.


A complete purchase specification requires that additional characteristics be specified along with test methods suitable for determining their magnitude. Guidance for such characteristics is provided in Related Information 1.


These specifications are directed specifically to sapphire wafers with one polished surface. Wafers polished on both sides, or unpolished, or with epitaxial film, are not covered; however, customers of such wafers may find that these specifications are useful guides in defining their requirements.


For referee purposes, SI (System International commonly called metric) units are used for all sapphire wafers.

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Revision History

SEMI HB1-0113 (first published)

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