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SEMI F104-0312 - Particle Test Method Guide for Evaluation of Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems

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CURRENT - Supported by the technical committee.


This Standard was technically approved by the global Liquid Chemicals Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on December 24, 2011. Available at www.semiviews.org and www.semi.org in March 2012; originally published November 2007.


NOTICE: This Document was completely rewritten in 2011.


This Document provides recommended test methods to evaluate and compare components for particle contribution into an ultrapure water (UPW) fluid stream. These methods fulfill the particle testing requirements within SEMI F57.


Two methods for evaluating particle contribution are provided.


The rinse test method evaluates performance in a flushing mode while the component is in a static state. It provides an indication of the volume required to bring particle levels to a user-defined specification.


The cycle test method evaluates performance during component cycling and provides an indication of the steady state particle contribution due to cycling.


These test methods apply to liquid chemical and UPW system components intended for use in semiconductor manufacturing tools and ancillary equipment.


This Document describes methods for measuring particle contribution from components while using UPW as the test media. UPW, for the intents and purposes of this Document, is defined as having the minimum requirements as outlined in ¶ 7.4 of this Document.


These methods use an in situ liquid optical particle measurement instrument (OPM) to quantify performance.

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E49 — Guide for High Purity and Ultrahigh Purity Piping Performance, Subassemblies, and Final Assemblies

SEMI F57 — Specification for Polymer Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems

Revision History

SEMI F104-0312 (technical revision)

SEMI F104-1107 (first published)

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