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SEMI E163-0212 - Guide for the Handling of Reticles and Other Extremely Electrostatic Sensitive (EES) Items Within Specially Designated Areas

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware
Language: English
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This Standard was technically approved by the global Metrics Technical Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits and Reviews Subcommittee on December 24, 2011. Available at www.semiviews.org and www.semi.org in February 2012.


The purpose of this Document is to minimize the negative impact on productivity caused by static charge and electric fields in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and facilities. It is a Guide for establishing optimum electrostatic compatibility of the handling environment for reticles and other items that are extremely electrostatic sensitive (EES) to electrostatic charge, voltage, and electric field. This Guide is complementary to SEMI E78 and SEMI E129 and is intended to improve the protection of the most electrostatic damage-susceptible items.


This Document can be used as a Guide for equipment manufacturers during the design and testing of their equipment and by those who either use or produce reticles and other EES items.


Process technology used in the manufacture of semiconductors and electronic devices continues to achieve increases in active feature density and device complexity. With increased levels of integration, longer interconnects, and smaller conductor separations, sensitivity to field-related problems increases. This Document provides recommendations for addressing the problem of damage through closer examination of electric field as a supplement to existing static charge mitigation techniques.

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E43 — Recommended Practice for Electrostatic Measurements on Objects and Surfaces

SEMI E78 — Guide to Assess and Control Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrostatic Attraction (ESA) for Equipment

SEMI E129 — Guide to Assess and Control Electrostatic Charge in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility

Revision History

SEMI E163-0212 (first published)

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