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SEMI E158-1110 - Mechanical Specification for Fab Wafer Carrier Used to Transport and Store 450 mm Wafers (450 FOUP) and Kinematic Coupling

Volume(s): Equipment Automation Hardware
Language: English
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This standard was technically approved by the global Physical Interfaces & Carriers Committee. This edition was approved for publication by the global Audits & Reviews Subcommittee on August 27, 2010. Initially available at www.semi.org in October 2010. Originally published July 2010.


The purpose of this document is to establish basic physical dimensions for the carriers intended to be used to transport and store 450 mm wafers, as specified by SEMI M74, within semiconductor device manufacturing facilities. This document is intended to define the reference planes for the dimensions of the carriers and the load port features that will interact with the carriers. This document is intended to define a set of requirements to ensure interoperability of load ports and carriers without limiting innovative solutions.

Referenced SEMI Standards

SEMI E144 — Specification for RF Air Interface Between RFID Tags in Carriers and RFID Reader in Semiconductor Production and Material Handling Equipment

SEMI M74 — Specification for 450 mm Diameter Mechanical Handling Polished Wafers

Revision History

SEMI E158-1110 (technical revision)

SEMI E158-0710 (first published)

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