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SEMI P1-1101 - Specification for Hard Surface Photomask Substrates

Volume(s): Microlithography
Language: English
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SUPERSEDED - Replaced by a newer version.

This specification covers the general requirements of the glass substrate for hard surface photomasks. This document covers square photomasks up to 7 inches in length. 230 mm substrates are excluded from this standard and can be found in SEMI P33. This document also gives specifications for the following materials: High Thermal Expansion (HTE), Medium Thermal Expansion (MTE), Low Thermal Expansion (LTE), Ultra Low Thermal Expansion (ULTE), Durable Fused Silica (DFS) glass for 193 nm wavelength, and Modified Fused Silica (MFS) glass for 157 nm wavelength.

Referenced SEMI Standards
SEMI P33 — Provisional Specification for Develop-mental 230 mm Square Hard Surface Photomask Substrates

Revision History

SEMI P1-1101 (technical revision)

SEMI P1-92 (Reapproved 0299)E (editorial revision)

SEMI P1-92 (Reapproved 0299)

SEMI P1-92 (technical revision)

SEMI P1-83 (technical revision)

SEMI P1-82 (technical revision)

SEMI P1-81 (first published)

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